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    Gabriel Leggatt – March 2020

    I came to see Dr Michael Durtnall having had costochondritis (an inflammation of the cartilage in the ribs) for several months. My condition started as a small pain localised to the left side of my chest which eventually spread to all around my ribs. This pain increased in magnitude over time to the point where I was barely mobile and slept a few hours a night due to breathing issues.

    I had been resistance training for many years and was generally quite fit so to end up so immobile and in such pain was not a foreseen eventuality. Some time after being diagnosed by my gp, being told to rest and my dose of anti-inflammatories going up every week I really began to lose hope. I wondered if I was going to get back to a normal life, let alone get back in the gym.

    Michael diagnosed me with scoliosis (side-wards curve of the spine) and pinpointed it due to a genetic structural abnormality in my lumbar spine. He began re-aligning my spine through chiropractic adjustment and I had weekly sports massages. He also gave me mobility exercises, adjustments to my posture and my training (further down the line).

    Having had a few months of treatment I am now 90% recovered and back to training at the exact same intensity prior to developing the condition.

    A huge thank you to Michael and the sports massage therapists at Sayers because there was a period where I truly thought this would never be possible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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