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    I highly recommend Michael Durtnall at Sayer Clinics if you suffer from costochondritis. I have been a patient at Sayer Clinics for about 8 months and I must say Michael Durtnall’s treatment really changed my life. I first came to see Michael in April 2017 after suffering from bad and persistent back and neck tension as well as costochondritis for about 1.5 years. I thought for many months that I had a serious medical condition and that I would get a heart attacked given the type and location of pain I suffered from: namely a pulling from my left shoulder all the way around the ribs into my left chest. By the time I came to see Michael, over 1.5 years I had consulted 3 different doctors (including expensive private ones, 3 different osteopaths and 2 different physiotherapists in London. None of these could identify what my problem was and in fact treated me incorrectly: physiotherapists would not treat my tension affected areas because they “didn’t want to make it worse” and an orthopaedic surgeon I consulted gave me a mix of pain killers that made me walk the streets like a zombie. It got to the point where I was incredibly frustrated. I thought nobody could help and that I would never get well, do sports and be pain free again. What a relief and what a change when I saw Michael! He is extremely knowledgeable about back and neck and frankly any skeletal and muscular issue. From the first appointment I felt that this practice was different: Michael did a thorough assessment of my condition and quickly drew up a plan of how to tackle my problems. He made me do regular physiotherapy with Karolina Krzaczek whose treatment and exercises helped me tremendously in easing my muscular tension and in learning how to ameliorate and release tension and pain if and when I get it. Both of them are also extremely nice and pleasant. I highly recommend anyone with complex and severe neck, back and other skeletal or muscular problems to see Michael and Karolina at Sayer Clinics. Highly recommend them both.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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